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Monday, October 5, 2015

Some Knight's Tale Fun

It probably won't surprise you to learn that one of my favorite movies is A Knight's Tale. Although it takes significant liberties with history, it's just so much fun! I admit I might have watched it a time or two while writing Chivalrous. Based on the ages of Chaucer and the Black Knight, this would have to be about 150 years after my story. The armor was different and many of the tournament rules were different. But I definitely got some ideas for how a tournament ground might have been set up, and I tried to pull some of the energy and excitement from the movie. Of course this was also blended with more scholarly research, reading other medieval novels, and my own trip to Medieval Times. Since my story was set in a fictional area, in the end I made up my own brand of tournament that fit the story.

I thought you might want to join in on some of the fun today.


  1. The heroine's hats were atrocious! I mean one of them looked like a lampshade? Why.........

  2. OK, I confess, because of Geographical location, and a familial interest in history, I have been exposed to jousting since an early age, (and yes- there were sometimes 'actual' castles' involved). Though it did not always feature comfy seats in a stadium (more standing- or sitting on grass/hay bails- lets just say in the UK it tends to be outside, and a special event rather a fixture in a semi-permanent arena- perhaps so a little more- rustic....)- there certainly is a certain exhileration.
    Slightly unnerved by all those flying splinters though- they might not look much, but I'm fairly sure they'd hurt if you got one on you.....

    I have a few old joust/tournament pics somewhere. Maybe I should dig some out and share them