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Monday, February 29, 2016

Girls with Swords!!!

I recently discovered a new author, Lisa Bevere. Wow! Her books are the perfect complement to my Valiant Hearts Series. If you've felt inspired to become strong and courageous, to grow into a valiant heroine who is up for the fight, you might want to check out her books too. I just purchased Girls with Swords, Lioness Arising, and Fight Like a Girl. Pretty awesome titles, right? I'll share more after I've finished reading them. But for now, here's the video that encouraged me to order the books. I hope it will encourage you too.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valiant in the Everyday

As you’re reading this, I’m not at home. I’m starting a new job, and boy did this whole job search put all I’ve learned writing my Valiant Hearts Series to the test. It can be scary to go and hunt for a new job, especially when you’ve never had a full-time job and you’ve been (for most intents and purposes) a stay at home mom for two decades.

But much like my heroines, I had to find my courage and prepare for this battle. Maybe my preparations were more along the lines of studying the job market, preparing a kick-butt resume, and taking online classes to fill in some missing skills. And instead of armor, I donned a new business suit, classy jewelry, makeup, and professional-looking nail polish.

All along a little voice in the back of my head wanted to tell me that I’d never find a decent job, that no one wanted to hire a middle-aged mom, that I was crazy to intentionally enter the “rat race,” that I’d have to give up writing novels because I’d be too wiped out after a forty hour work week. But with two kids in private college and the debts stacking up, my family needed this, and again much like my heroines who never make excuses and do what must be done, I took up my sword (okay, my resume) and prepared to fight.

As the battle waged on I realized a few things. First of all, I needed to prove to myself that I could do this. That I hadn’t given up my chance at a career by staying home, and that all of the accomplishments I’d had in life and writing weren’t for nothing. I also realized that this was really just a continuation of what I had always done, putting my family first, but that my family was in a new season and needed me to ward off financial stress and help my children pursue their dreams and passions rather than stay home and nurture little people. Finally, I realized that deep down…I was a huge weenie, and it was time to show that courage I’ve been writing about.

Sometimes when God calls us to a mission, like writing novels, we make that mission the goal. But the true goal is serving God. And when we get too focused on the mission, God often asks us to lay it down, at least for a while. I was ready to take my focus off writing novels and put my focus on God. I was willing to put novel writing on the shelf for a year or two until I adjusted to a more intensive schedule, and see if and when God asked me to take it back down.

As it turned out, all my weenie worrying was for nothing. In less than a month I was offered a dream job. I will be writing (yes, writing!) for a wonderful Christian humanitarian organization called Operation Blessing International.  I have no doubt this job will be enjoyable and fulfilling and that I won’t be entering the “rat race.” In fact, I’m really excited about it. Beyond that, it’s not actually a full-time job. It’s a solid twenty-five hour a week job that will still meet our financial needs. AND…the hours are flexible and I’m allowed to work remotely, so I can be there for my teenager who’s still at home when he needs me. Perhaps best of all, at twenty-five hours a week, I don’t think novel writing will have to stay on the shelf nearly as long as I imagined it might.

So being valiant, facing my fears, and fighting this battle turned out to be a great thing. I feel incredibly blessed that God has seen fit to allow me this new opportunity. But don’t worry, Courageous (Valiant Hearts book 3) is all finished and ready to release in July, and I’ll also have a novella in Austen in Austin Volume 2 releasing in September. After that, my writing career is in God’s very capable hands.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dance from Deep Within on sale this weekend!!!

Great news!!! This weekend's $0.99 sale on Dance from Deep Within has already started. This is an incredibly relevant book at a time when it is important for every American to understand what it means to have Muslims living in our midst and how we might reach out to these people with the love of Jesus. Please share this post with your friends. Click here to order. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

More Courageous Heroines

It will be about five more months until my third Valiant Hearts book, Courageous, releases. However, I think all of my books feature heroines who are courageous in their own ways. This weekend my contemporary novel, Dance from Deep Within, will be on sale for kindle for only $.99. What a great opportunity to meet Layla, Rain, and Allie, three young women from very different backgrounds who courageously search for love, truth, and meaning together, even in the face of serious danger. Well, let me tell you more about them (somewhat) in person...

I'll tell you a little secret. I love all of my books and all of my characters, but this book is probably my favorite. If you consider yourself a "Dina Sleiman fan" on any level, I highly encourage you to check it out, and this weekend, February 5-7, will be the perfect chance.

Click here to order on amazon
"This is not my kind of book. So when I say it went deep into my heart, you'll know it's a story that will impact you no matter what genre you typically read. This novel will open your eyes. You'll start seeing the people around you in a vastly different way than you do right now. And you can't help but be changed by the three young women who Sleiman portrays with authenticity, penetrating insight, and well-crafted prose." -Bestselling Author - James Rubart

"Dina Sleiman allows the reader to see the beauty hidden inside her characters, especially Layla the Muslim girl--the beauty hidden because of social and religious restrictions. The author captured this feeling in the book itself when she said through her college professor, 'This is the power of literature. It allows us to see the beauty in people around us. Gives us glimpses into their minds and their souls." -Host of DARING QUESTIONS - Brother Rasheed

"Deeply drawn characters take you on a journey that will change their lives . . . and yours. Women's fiction at its finest." -Award-winning Author - Nikki Arana