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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Chivalrous Release Party!!!

Welcome to 1217, Edendale, England. The minstrels are warming up, and dancing will commence shortly. So pull up a bench in the great hall, grab a goose leg, and prepare to party! Chivalrous "officially" releases today, although it has already been available on amazon for a week or so.

Meet Sir Allen, a newcomer to our fair Edendale, but already well-loved by those who spent time with him in Dauntless. Quite a cutie, right? And no, of course you didn't see him on the Gilmore Girls, that must have been some distant ancestor. Excuse me Sir Allen, could you please fetch me some mulled cider from yon serving wench?

Okay, I confess, this is actor Jared Padalecki

And here is Gwendolyn, ready for a party for once thanks to the careful ministrations of her faithful lady's maid, Rosalind. We get a glimpse at the gentle side of the fierce female knight in this picture, although I'm sure she's itching to get back into something more comfortable. Looks like she's reading that book that Sir Allen recommended to her.

I was picturing actress LeeLee Sobieski as Gwen

My launch team has been hard at work spreading the news. Here is an awesome image created by Laura Pol with her favorite quote from the book.

And here is an image with my code of chivalry created by Raechel Lenore. Click on it for a better look.

This is Raechel herself, who definitely wins the prize for most adorable and enthusiastic launch picture. Way to get in the spirit!

Early reviews have already been coming in for the book. Here are a few of my favorite quotes to whet your appetite. 

What reviewers are saying...

Chivalrous is book two in Dina L. Sleiman’s Valiant Heart series. I loved Dauntless, but I gotta say . . . this one is even better! Ms. Sleiman has stepped up her game (jousting perhaps?!) and given us an Arthurian-inspired medieval story filled with believable characters and a plot packed with twists you won’t see coming...I give Chivalrous five lances!  ~ Darlene L. Turner

This novel has so many threads that make it a rich tapestry befitting the walls of a castle throne room. The exploration of identity can effect both teens and adults alike as people are ever changing. ~ Shannon L. Gonzalez

It’s books like these that give me hope for the Christian fiction genre. I don’t think I rolled my eyes once, which is a habit of mine while reading most Christian fiction novels. I’m so glad to be seeing this kind of material emerge. While I only read a sample of Dauntless, book #1 in the Valiant Heart Series, I can now say that I look forward to reading the rest and anything else from Dina L. Sleiman. ~ Brittney, Goodreads

This book just felt like home – you know how some books do that? I just felt soo happy reading it. ~ Raechel Lenore

I have only one piece of advice concerning this book. Read it. If you like King Arthur, read it. If you enjoy lovely prose, read it. If you couldn't put down her first book in this series, Dauntless, read Chivalrous. This book is brilliant. ~ Michele Harper

One of my favorite authors, Dina Sleiman has outdone herself with Chivalrous. This book has wonderful characters, great adventure, and a charming romance. ~ Susan Johnson

Still not convinced? Read a free sample here.  Or check out this great interview in Family Fiction Edge Magazine.

Oh! The minstrels are ready and the dance space has been cleared. You know I can't miss out on the dancing, so you must excuse me. I hear Gwendolyn might give us a magical performance on her pipe later, so be sure to stick around for the fun!

Speaking of fun, if you haven't ordered Chivalrous yet, what are you waiting for?

And it wouldn't be a party without a prize, so leave a comment with your email address below for your chance to win some great Valiant Hearts "swag." Deadline is Sunday September 13th. Winner will be announced next Monday.


  1. Remember your table manners, my good people! It is most uncouth to gnaw on drumsticks, and throwing bones over your shoulder is not done- nor is spitting and belching. Just because it is Medieval times it does not mean people had no manners or sense of Decorum!

    1. Hmm...most of the medieval history I've read would disagree with that, but I think my fictional North Britannians would side with you on this issue.

    2. They actually had etiquette books and the like aimed at youngsters- rules varied (some allowed discreet Belching if I recall) but Medieval feasts do not seem to have been not the uncouth affairs Hollywood would have us believe.....most of the table manners we know today seem to have had thier origins then- only without the benefit of forks......

  2. Aww, what's wrong with a nice dress? I love that one at the time- I wants it......personally, I'd be worried about any 16 year old girl, no matter how strong or determined getting involved in tournaments. They weren't the nice, tame, sanitized affairs of later centuries, or that we see in theme parks today.
    At this time they were sometimes little more than mock battles- dangerous, and not uncommonly fatal. She might not be faced with a one-on-one battle, but find herself surrounded by highly trained, mounted knights.

    Even watching the fifteenth century makes such activities look rather painful....I'd stick with reading and hunting. All perfectly acceptable activities for a Lady.

  3. Great job, Raechel! Wow. congratulations Dina! Chivalrous is going to be such a hit with readers! 😁

  4. Well, as we say here in the states, "different strokes for different folks." I wouldn't want to fight in a tournament either, but Gwendolyn is her own woman, and being a progressive society, North Britannia has fairly civilized rules for their tournaments.

    1. Perhaps I've developed cowardly tendencies in my old age. I did used to dream about jousting, but realize I am not a good rider and most groups would be too fussy about accuracy.
      As Gwen is concerned I am almost inclined to agree with the priest in thinking her prideful and rather feckless for taking part in such things......then again for a while the church did not approve of tournmanents at all.

      I confess I was rather offended by some of the comments about how much more 'progressive' North Britannia was versus supposedly backwards, repressive England.
      Sorry, but notions like rule of Law existed here before Magna Carta, as did rule by council (Kings long before John has those), and it was a nobleman, Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester who established our parliament largely as it exists today- including the House of Commons, which consisted of commoners as the name suggests- in the later thirteenth century.

      It did rather seem like the North Britannian system was very close to the American and there was an element of - dare I say- sneering- at those stupid, backwards, barbarian English wallowing in thier tyranny and inequality, when the good proto-Americans invented all that was good an democratic.
      Perhaps I have seen too many Americans espoused of such ideas about Britain even in the 19th century and today that I am over sensitive?

    2. Well, my sincere apologies if you felt that way. I was trying to make it a new Camelot, not an America want to be. Considering that King John died just a year ago amid a civil war, I feel pretty safe in my assumption that England was not the best place at the time. I realize that there were good people in England and good ideas in England. But I have to say, bickering over history does not seem to be in the spirit of this party!!! Let's dance!

    3. I er, don't think I can actually dance. Hardly ever do it, I could probably stetch to a Greek or Jewish type circle dance which includes other people to look silly with.
      Can I sit in small group in the corner and imbibe cider whilst discussing some obscure subject? No chocolate yet but can I have some confection involving fruit, nuts of Marzipan?

    4. Absolutely! Make yourself at home.

    5. You know, Anna, I was just working on an "insider" post for my launch team, and I remembered that originally I had wanted to set this book in a fictional kingdom in the German area of the Holy Roman Empire. LOL. Bethany House asked that I have it spin directly off of Dauntless and keep it in England, which presented a number of challenges, although I appreciated the business wisdom of the idea. But I hope that reassures you that I didn't enter this book with an intention of bashing England.

  5. HAPPY RELEASE DAY! I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to read Chivalrous.


  6. Thanks, Caryl. I'm pretty excited too, although the amazon print version actually released about a two weeks ago and the kindle a week ago. LOL. Still wanted to celebrate the "official" day, though.

  7. I just this moment finished reading Chivalrous and I enjoyed it every bit as much as I did Dauntless. I can't wait for the next book in the series!

  8. I just received my copy of Chivalrous and can't wait to dive into its many valiant adventures :) Congratulations & Happy release day! :)

  9. I really enjoyed Dauntless and I'm excited for Chivalrous!


  10. Definitely looking forward to reading this awesome story!

  11. Thanks so much for sending me Chivalrous! I was so excited when I got it in the mail that I totally forgot that I had actually requested it from Bethany House's blogger program....So when I received the 2nd copy from them, my sister claimed it and we are racing to see who will finish first��


  12. I totally agree. Some of the influencers are coming up with great images to help spread the word! :D

    sydneyjaems68 [at] gmail [dot] com

  13. Congrats on the new release! Makes me want to dive into my copy of Dauntless even more.

  14. I love these covers and I'm quite certain I'm going to love the stories as well! I need to have you over at soon!


  15. Got my copy and plan to read it! I enjoyed "Dauntless" so am eager to delve into this one. :)
    For unexplained reasons, "Chivalrous" was on shelf in the Christian books area at my local Barnes & Noble before the official release date.

    For those who want to read more about King John and the Magna Carta, there's a book titled "King John: And the Road to Magna Carta" by Stephen (S.D.) Church. It was published this year.

    1. Elisa, you have no idea how much you just made my day. I never heard of Dauntless showing up in any Barnes and Noble, and I have been really praying that my books would get in there :) As for before the release, I'm not even sure why they give release dates anymore, LOL. Evidently they are suggested guidelines only, because everyone does whatever they want.

      Thanks for the book recommendation! It is a big anniversary for the Magna Carta right now.

  16. Your books sound intriguing. I haven't read any as you are a new author to me and after reading all these posts they will be on my reading list.

  17. Woo! Your book was so amazing! Your book was so amazing!
    Olivia ~livthebooknerd~

  18. Aw, sounds awesome! Love the cosplay :D My email is Thank you for this chance!