Winner of the American Christian Fiction Writer's Carol Award for Dauntless!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Peace Out Wednesdays!

Well, I think we can say release month is officially over. The hooplah is settling down, and I am saying farewell to my release month special Wednesday news posts. Maybe I'll bring them back in September for Chivalrous.

Last week I finally had the chance to make my own Dauntless bookstore sightings. I feel like I can breathe a little sigh of relief knowing they are out there in the world where people can find them.

This is my local Lifeway. At Lifeway Dauntless was located in their extensive teen fiction section.

And this is my local Family Christian bookstore, where it was actually located right with the general Christian fiction.

So I'm going to say peace out to Wednesdays. But if you loved Dauntless or if you are a big fan of either YA or medieval, please take a moment to say a little prayer that it will sell well and find it's audience so that I can continue writing this series and so that publishers will want to publish more books like it!



  1. I know my local Lifeway had at least 7 copies on the shelf! :)