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Monday, December 15, 2014

New Improved Dauntless Cover

Last week I started seeing a new version of the Dauntless cover online. The leaves in the foreground are new. A little birdie told me that someone suggested them to take the focus off of a certain part of Merry's anatomy, which the strap of her bow made all too obvious. LOL. Which is good with me, because Merry is supposed to have a petite, compact gymnast type body. Now Gwendolyn in book 2 is a different story...

So here's the new cover. This version was sent to the printer, so it should be the final one.

What do you think? It's undergone a number of changes from the first version, which I loved, except the model didn't look much like my heroine. Now that the picture has been tweaked numerous times, and I've tweaked my descriptions of Merry as well, I'm completely happy with it. I really think it will hit the target market.


  1. Yes, I did notice the erm- issue with the bow strap.....

  2. Seems like it was a good decision all around then :)

    1. Yeah, I got where you're coming from. If she's pretending to be a boy, but the cover shows that anyone can see she's a girl, it might have been a little unconvincing.
      Sometimes the cover can give entirely the wrong impression about a book, I think....