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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Little Christmas Fun

Yes, it is true, this silly bunch of people is my family. My husband Dani is from Lebanon and works in television production. Christi is in college at Oral Roberts University studying engineering. Jonny, bottom left, is a high school senior who competes in track, loves adrenaline sports, and plans to study business next year in college. Adam in the center is in seventh grade and is involved in music and gymnastics. And the dogs, Scruffy and Bella...well, they like to do dog stuff. Hope you all have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


  1. Ha ha, glad mine's not the only slightly crazy family who had a crazy Christmas. On boxing day-get together most were coughing, and just managing to fend off dog when food was dropped. One year he made off with a soft toy, and nearly swallowed a small plastic toy.....

  2. We don't have boxing day here, but they do celebrate it in Canada. Our dogs know they get something in their stockings every year, and start going crazy once they see them until they get their presents.

    1. Perhaps its the British influence in Canada? Ours sometimes gets the odd present- but he also has his crazy moments. Usually the excitement comes when he knows we're going out. Starts chasing us around and 'prancing' as I call it. Trouble with that is the tile flooring- he sometimes slips, slides..especially if said floor or paws are wet...

      Great card btw....