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Monday, July 14, 2014

Check Out My Other Books Too

Since it will be a while until Dauntless hits the shelves, you might want to check out some of my other books in the meantime.

As I type this, my contemporary title, Dance from Deep Within, with its multi-cultural/missional theme is on sale for only $.99 for kindle. It's hard for an author to choose a favorite book, kind of like choosing a favorite child, but I do believe this is the most life-changing book I have written. Young adults will enjoy this peek into the college years, while adults will appreciate the themes of inner healing and intimacy with Christ. It looks at new age, Islam, and plain old wounded Christians as the three main characters search together for the truth and for what it means to live from deep within. Click here to order.

If the medieval time setting drew you to my website, you might want to check out my Dance of the Dandelion. This book offers an examination of love and all its many facets. Geared toward adults, some of the themes are more mature than the Valiant Hearts Series. I would recommend this for high school and up. P.S. that gorgeous young lady on the cover is my daughter. Click here to order.

Finally, if you are a classic historical romance fan, you will enjoy my Love in Three-Quarter Time. This book set in 1817 Virginia offers humor, romance, and plenty of drama on a gorgeous plantation. Click here to order. 

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