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Monday, July 7, 2014

A Real Life Valiant Heroine

Look at that determination, that focus, not to mention that perfectly toned physique. I was beyond delighted to catch this adorable female competing in American Ninja Warrior the other week. She is a tiny 100 lb gymnast, and as tough as any guy in the competition. Despite her incredible strength and agility, she was perfectly feminine and just about as pretty as you can get. In fact, look at her picture and then the model on the cover of Dauntless in the post below. I felt like I was watching Merry Ellison face the gauntlet.

Even more exciting was the turn out of her run in American Ninja Warrior. She set a record as the first woman ever to successfully finish the qualifying round. Go Kacy! You've found a fan in me for sure.


  1. I saw her, Dina. She was awesome. I only happened across the show that same night because my critique partner told me about it. I'm glad she did!

  2. My boys have been into Ninja Warrior for years, and I always enjoyed watching it with them. I'm so amazed by their athleticism. Since both of my boys excel at gymnastics, they are both good at this sort of thing too. And they were as excited about Kacy as I was. It was a great story, and so sad that her boyfriend made it so far last year and didn't final this year.