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Monday, February 1, 2016

More Courageous Heroines

It will be about five more months until my third Valiant Hearts book, Courageous, releases. However, I think all of my books feature heroines who are courageous in their own ways. This weekend my contemporary novel, Dance from Deep Within, will be on sale for kindle for only $.99. What a great opportunity to meet Layla, Rain, and Allie, three young women from very different backgrounds who courageously search for love, truth, and meaning together, even in the face of serious danger. Well, let me tell you more about them (somewhat) in person...

I'll tell you a little secret. I love all of my books and all of my characters, but this book is probably my favorite. If you consider yourself a "Dina Sleiman fan" on any level, I highly encourage you to check it out, and this weekend, February 5-7, will be the perfect chance.

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"This is not my kind of book. So when I say it went deep into my heart, you'll know it's a story that will impact you no matter what genre you typically read. This novel will open your eyes. You'll start seeing the people around you in a vastly different way than you do right now. And you can't help but be changed by the three young women who Sleiman portrays with authenticity, penetrating insight, and well-crafted prose." -Bestselling Author - James Rubart

"Dina Sleiman allows the reader to see the beauty hidden inside her characters, especially Layla the Muslim girl--the beauty hidden because of social and religious restrictions. The author captured this feeling in the book itself when she said through her college professor, 'This is the power of literature. It allows us to see the beauty in people around us. Gives us glimpses into their minds and their souls." -Host of DARING QUESTIONS - Brother Rasheed

"Deeply drawn characters take you on a journey that will change their lives . . . and yours. Women's fiction at its finest." -Award-winning Author - Nikki Arana


  1. I always appreciate your strong realistic characters! Just reread "Dauntless" after Christmas and am finally starting "Chivalrous." Looking forward to adding this ebook to my iPhone. Blessings on all you do!

    1. Thanks, Sandy. You're going to love this one. Hope things are going well for you and your family.