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Monday, August 3, 2015

Me and Acrobatics

One of the funnest elements of Dauntless, in my opinion, is the acrobatic twist. Although as I mention in another post, they didn't actually use the word acrobat at that time, tumblers and aerialists provided popular entertainment during the middle ages. You might wonder if I have any acrobatic background myself, and the answer is yes. I took gymnastics from the ages of 6-11. I never quite reached Merry's level of expertise, but I could do a front flip and front and back handsprings, so I understand the rush of flying through the air. In high school, I also used my gymnastics ability as a cheerleader.

I don't do much acrobatics anymore, but all three of my children are incredible acrobats. Just for fun, here is my farewell acrobatic performance. If you're having a hard time finding me, I'm tall with shoulder length blond hair, and at some point my son stands on my shoulders. I'm guessing this was around 2008. My two older kids are the ones doing the fancy tricks. Gymnastics fans, notice the lovely back flip by my son at about 2:16. :) My youngest was still too little for choreography at the time, but at age 12, he is now a competitive gymnast.

If you would like to learn more about me as a dance, choreographer, and director, click here to visit that page on my main website.

Everything About You from danzingfool on GodTube.

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