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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Reading Sale!!!

For the next two weeks, the book that started it all will be on sale. Check out my adult-oriented medieval quest for love with WhiteFire Publishing. Dance of the Dandelion has been highly recommended by some of your favorite authors like Julie Klassen, Laura Frantz, and Melanie Dickerson!!! It was the overall winner in the 2009 Touched for Love contest and received an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Selah Awards. Only $.99 for the next two weeks.

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Dina Sleiman is a beautiful writer. Romantic and gritty, Dance of the Dandeliontakes readers on an epic journey of human failings, self discovery, and second chances. Through it all God’s love and forgiveness shines through. ~ Bestselling Author Julie Klassen 

This medieval romp of a book reads like a dance! Full of unexpected twists and turns, it displays the folly or joy of our choices and the God who enables us to find true freedom in Him. Dandelion Dering is a heroine you won't soon forget! ~ Author Laura Frantz

Dance of the Dandelion is that rare novel that offers deep spiritual blessings to its readers. By no means your average Christian romance story, Dandelion’s journey is an epic story of depth, of realistic temptations and failings, of discovering one’s worth, of finding one’s faith, and of learning to dance for God as only someone who has been set free by Jesus and his forgiveness can dance. The writing is extraordinary and the spiritual takeaway is powerful. ~Author Melanie Dickerson

Best. Book. Ever. I have finally found the perfect novel...She far exceeded stellar, and I dare say this book for me was more of a mindblowing romance and spiritual love story similar to Redeeming Love, a best-selling novel by Francine Rivers. Over the years I have read a ton of books set during this time period and none of them came close to being as exhilarating for me as this one. It not only inspired me, but reading this novel was downright addicting. I had to have my fix daily until I finished the book. When I reached the end I felt and ovewhelming sense of satisfaction at having experience the highs and lows of Dandelion's journey as well as bonding so closely to the characters that I felt as if I had also experienced the same boundless joy by the end of the book. ~ Author Michelle Sutton

This richly imagined book is a passionate medieval coming-of-age tale, written in a melodic first-person style that is compellingly believable. It will have you turning pages eagerly and journeying with young, beautiful and errant Dandelion Dering through the treacherous world of 14th century English life, as she rises from humble beginnings to better herself in the world. Along the way she learns difficult lessons about life, love, and even God. Highly recommended!  ~Author Linore Rose Burkard

Dance of the Dandelion is a surprising fairy tale with deep spiritual overtones, one young woman’s adventure to self-discovery and self-empowerment with unexpected lessons for modern girls. ~Author Louise Gouge

Dina writes beautifully, her voice so appropriate to the time period, I actually felt like a beautiful maid skipping through flowery meadows. Through Dandelion, she evokes dreams for better—for achievement and significance in her reader. I look forward to reading more of Dina’s work in the future. ~Jennifer Slattery, Novel Reviews

The almost musical, lyrical writing of new author, Dina Sleiman, invites the reader to join in the Dance of Dandelion from the very first sentence of the book. I felt the raw poverty of the young peasant girl, Dandelion, and agonized with her as she searched to fill the empty places in her heart. A stunning debut novel, I look forward to what will be forthcoming from this talented author.~Author Golden Keyes Parsons

Dina Sleiman breathes new life into the written word with her exquisitely penned story, Dance of the Dandelion. I was instantly transported back to medieval days and into the heart of her heroine, gripped so strongly that I couldn't bear to put the book down. Though the medieval genre carries with it certain expectations, Sleiman transcends them with excellent writing and a tale as real as it is timeless.~ Roseanna M. White, Author and Senior Reviewer for The Christian Review of Books

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