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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dauntless Makes Some Early Appearances

Fun with Dauntless!
Well, this week in the news I'm excited to mention that the print version of Dauntless is already available on amazon almost a month early! If you pre-ordered the book, it should be on its way to you now. Some early reviews are coming in from netgalley reviewers as well. Here's a link to a review I especially liked because I felt like the woman really "got" what I was going for with the book. Click here for review.

I also received my copy...or rather my 100 copies!!! of Dauntless this week. I keep fantasizing about how fun it would be to build a fort with them in my living room and just hide out there for a while, but I'm afraid my little dogs would think that was way too fun and end up ruining at least a handful of books.

Book fort anyone?
And I've been busy organizing my launch team. If you're on the team, I'm hopeful that you will be receiving your copy soon. If you'd like to join the team, check us out here on facebook. I plan to share some fun insider information and to offer a special contest for those who support the book.

In other fun news, Chivalrous has already shown up for pre-order on several sites, but without a cover. I've seen the new cover, and it's gor-ge-ous! I'll be showing it to all of you soon :)


  1. That would be exciting to build a book fort, but my 2 year old might destroy mine! Haha!! OH MY GOODNESS just sent a request to join your street team! Didn't even know you had one! Can't wait to see the cover of CHIVALROUS!

  2. I added you :) Happy to have you on board.

  3. How exciting, Dina! That's a lot of copies!

    Sue :)

  4. It is fun, and exciting. I had a blast with the silly pictures today.

  5. Maybe you could do a small book tree on a table:


    Ooh, how exciting! I just asked to join your group (FB: Zekkaina Solo)!

    1. Ha ha! Glad you told me. Wouldn't have guessed that one. I added you :)

  6. I was telling the daughter of a friend who's into Divergent and the Hunger Games about Dauntless a couple of weeks ago, and when I showed it her, I think I was a little perplexed at seeing reviews already up.
    Then the blog post sort explained why there were already reviews a month in advance.....

  7. Yep, not sure why, but there you go! The ebook officially released this week, so that was planned in advance.