Winner of the American Christian Fiction Writer's Carol Award for Dauntless!!!


From Bethany House Publishers
The Valiant Hearts Series by author Dina Sleiman offers unforgettable heroines!

What is a Valiant Heart heroine? A young woman who is both feminine and strong, vulnerable and tough, gentle and passionate. She is fearless, intelligent, and full of life. A heroine who contains within her both the tender beauty of a blossoming flower and the fierceness of a lioness. One who uniquely reflects her creator God and is willing to pursue her dreams with all her heart. A woman who is open to love, but not defined by a man.

My prayer for my readers is that you will be strong and courageous. Follow the path God has laid before you, wherever that might lead. Be a doctor, a lawyer, a professional athlete, a wife, a mother, or even a president. Chase after your dreams, and if a handsome knight in shining armor should happen to come alongside you, headed in the same direction, and you should happen to fall in love…then join together and become partners in your quest. But please remember this—you are complete, you are beautiful, and you are dearly loved by God just the way you are.

Each novel in the Valiant Hearts Series will feature a strong, young medieval woman in a traditionally male role as she lives out a story of adventure, romance, and faith. This Christian young adult series is geared toward teens, but will appeal to adults as well. If you love Katniss Everdeen and Tris Prior, prepare to meet their historical counterparts. Books in the series include Dauntless, Chivalrous, and Courageous. Be sure to stop back for more information as the series progresses. In fact, follow by email for all the latest.

Shown above is Merry Ellison, my heroine for the Robin Hood inspired Dauntless. Merry will go to any length to save the outlawed children of Ellsworth from the treacherous King John.

In book 2, Chivalrous, Gwendolyn Barnes longs to be a female knight, but such cannot be her fate, even in the Camelot inspired region where she dwells. Meanwhile, her father intends to use her as a marriage pawn. In this Arthurian style story that flips the Lancelot/Guinevere legend on its head, Gwendolyn struggles with issues of gender and worth as well as her faith in God.

Book 3, Courageous, is now available too! My heroine Rosalind serves as Gwendolyn's handmaid in book 2, but in book 3 she will face her own adventure as she goes on crusade in search of redemption.